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Shipping Questions And Answers

Q: What is your shipping policy?

A: For online customer, total purchase minimum of $100 is required.We can ship the items by UPS or by the pallet. If your order is $300-$800 or more, or the items are heavy or fragile, we recommend shipping by the pallet for the freight savings.  WE HAVE A NO-RETURN POLICY, AND SHIPPING CHARGES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Q: What about shipping by pallet?

The order will be shipped out on a pallet with (Central transport, Inc.) is a trucking company.This type of shipping is much safer and cheaper than Parcel Post Shipping as the entire order stays together and is handled very carefully. we recommend a $500-$1500 order so that your shipping per piece comes out to a good rate.

This means that this item is fragile or cannot be shipped parcel post for a reason. You do not have to purchase a pallet of a single item. You can purchase many items and put them all onto a pallet for shipping. The base shipping charge for a pallet starts around $70-$150. For this reason, we recommend a $500-$1500 order so that your shipping per piece comes out to a good rate. Very often 500 lbs is just above the minimum shipping cost so you can get a good shipping rate for your merchandise. It is often cheaper to ship large orders by pallet then by UPS. Also by shipping on a pallet your order stays together and it handled as a single unit which leads to less breakage.

Any factory/concealed damage must be reported within 5 business days (excluding weekends) of receiving merchandise.  After this 5 day period D.R.L wholesale supply Inc. is not held liable for damaged merchandise and will not accept or file shipping claims.

Q: What about UPS?

For Fragile Items UPS delivery:

We carry some items which are very fragile, or contain parts that are very fragile. We try very hard to make sure that any product ordered reaches our customers in one piece. Customers are very often unhappy when they receive broken merchandise, processing freight claims does take quite a bit of time and many having many freight claims affects your shipping discounts. Some poly-resin items marked as "fragile/not able to be shipped UPS" we are willing to ship via UPS if the customer is willing to take responsibility for the merchandise. These are packed with Styrofoam but have a chance to break. Glass based items such as pictures, statue, humidifiers, and some oil burners will not survive parcel shipping and you will end up with damaged items if shipped UPS. 

Some items are fragile; in Parcel Post shipping (UPS), boxes have a chance that they will be tossed around or dropped. It makes it very difficult to ship fragile items with any hope they will arrive in one piece. So there is no guarantee that an item will be delivered without damage. We are not responsible for shipping damaged items ,because the items we have already been checked. Therefore, there are no cash refunds.

UPS Claims:

All claims must be filed within 7 calendar days from the day you receive your order. Only one claim per order can be accepted! Please check all your merchandise thoroughly ...

Broke or Damaged Merchandise:


We are not responsible for damages that occur during transit. Please contact your carrier concerning items damaged during transit. For orders shipped by UPS, Please use the following number (1-800-742-5877). Please retain all the original packaging material from the damaged product as well as the original packing carton for inspection. All claims must be over $25.00 USD. All refunds will be issued as in warehouse credit only. Shipping cost are none refundable.