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Questions And Answers

Q: Do you only offer wholesale?

A: Yes. We require a total purchase minimum of $100.

Q: What is your pricing philosophy?

A: The more you order, the lower the prices.  

Q: What is your shipping policy?

A: For online customer, total purchase minimum of $100 is required.We can ship the items by UPS or by the pallet. If your order is $500-$800 or more, or the items are heavy or fragile, we recommend shipping by the pallet for the freight savings.  Shipping costs are non-refundable.

Q: What about shipping by pallet?

The order will be shipped out on a pallet with CTC (Central Transport is a trucking company). This type of shipping is much safer and cheaper than Parcel Post Shipping as the entire order stays together and is handled very carefully. A minimum cost for an CTC order is much higher than a UPS order. Any order over $100 can be sent UPS as long as the items don't require CTC shipping. An CTC order should be $500-$800.00 or more to have the freight per item come out to an acceptable percentage.

Q: What about returns?


A: For in-store purchases:

To help keep our prices so low, we have a strict no return/no exchange policy. Please make sure that everything you purchase is exactly what you want; color, size, shape, quantity, etc.

For online orders and UPS delivery:

Some items are fragile; in Parcel Post shipping (UPS), boxes have a chance that they will be tossed around or dropped. It makes it very difficult to ship fragile items with any hope they will arrive in one piece. So there is no guarantee that an item will be delivered without damage. We are not responsible for items damaged during shipping because each item will have been checked already. Therefore, there are no cash refunds.

Q: Can I order from the Internet?

A: Yes, if your order is a minimum of $100 you can order via Internet. Just submit your request form from the Internet and tell us the item #s and quantity you want. Or order by phone -(502)-458-7768. We accept Visa or MasterCard etc. All fees should be paid in advance. We'll ship it to you by UPS or CTC.

Q: What kind of products do you have?

A: We have Ball Caps, Belts, 3D Pictures, Toys, Cell Phone Accessories, knives, Wallets,  Houseware, Hardware, Home decorations, Toys, Cosmetics, Gifts, Daily use, Clothing, and a huge amount of dollar items. We update items frequently, and we will put them on the web.